What Are The Health Benefits Of Coffee? Can It Be Harmful?

The morning alarm goes off, and you subconsciously roll out of bed with only one thought: I need my coffee. The health benefits of coffee are innumerable.

According to a survey done by the National Coffee Association, 64% of Americans 18 years of age and older said they had at least one cup of coffee the previous day in 2018.

Chances are you haven’t thought about how coffee impacts your overall cognitive performance beyond its most basic side effect of providing you with energy to go about your day.

 Luckily, most of the side effects that have surfaced through research are positive ones.

So why is Coffee one of the O.G. smart drugs that fuel the world?

Let’s take a look at 3 of the positive side effects that coffee has on brain health and cognitive performance that directly relate to the desired results of making a smart drug or Nootropic.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Coffee? Can It Be Harmful?
What Are The Health Benefits Of Coffee? Can It Be Harmful?

The Health Benefits Of Coffee: Coffee Improves Mood

Like many of the promises, coffee has been proven through various studies to boost your mood.

According to research found on the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee, repeated intake of 75 mg of caffeine (equal to about one cup of coffee) every four hours has a link with a pattern of sustained improvement of mood throughout the day.

Along with the immediate positive effects coffee has on our mood, several studies have found a connection between caffeine consumption and reduced risk of depression – individually when consumed as coffee.

Interestingly, another 10-year study also found a connection between lower risks for suicide and caffeinated coffee consumption.

The same results have yet to be there for other caffeinated beverages, which means it could be something other than the caffeine that impacts mood.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Coffee? Can It Be Harmful?
What Are The Health Benefits Of Coffee? Can It Be Harmful?

Coffee Enhances Memory

Can coffee improve your memory? According to Medical News Today, a study conducted with participants between the ages of 18 to 30 concluded that 200 mg of caffeine is the sweet spot to getting the memory-enhancing effects.

A study found performance better at 200 mg than 100 mg, but no improvements after the 300 mg dose. We all know what happens after 300 mg, and it doesn’t feel great.

Coffee Boosts Focus

The most desired effects of coffee are apparent to anyone who has polished off a pot while cramming for tests or working all night on their big presentation.

 Caffeine arouses the center nervous-system. This is why many of us consider it a helpful stimulant when we need our brains working at top speed.

You don’t need to see a list of research to understand that coffee can boost focus for a short period. There is less research to understand the effects that coffee has on our ability to focus on a more extended period.

Therefore whenever you are down with sleep in your workplace try grabbing a mug. this is sure to cheer you up for some hours. Moreover, a coffee a day makes your day all fresh and happy.

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