Uncommon Coffee History Facts

coffee history facts

A strong cup of coffee with a rich aroma is always a mood-boosting beverage. Only a true coffee lover knows how refreshing and addictive a cup of coffee could be. Don’t you want to know the history and facts about such a fantastic beverage? 

Discovery of coffee

Coffee History
  • The actual discovery of coffee with evidence dates back to the 15th century. It is said, even before that in the 9th century, in Ethiopian lands a goatherd named Kaldi, discovered coffee when he found his goats’ enthusiastic behavior after grazing a few beans of a coffee plant. 
  • Another story claims that the discovery of coffee is credited to a follower of the Sufi mystic, Ali Ben Omar. Omar was in exile and when he was hungry, decided to try some berries and found it tasted bitter. He roasted them, which were harsher, and finally boiled them, which turned out to be brown-liquid having a great aroma, and he unusually found it refreshing. 
  • People of the Sufi order even drank coffee to participate in prayers for a long period.

Ethiopia became the first merchandiser of coffee

Coffee History
  • Coffee beans were first merchandised from Ethiopia to Yemen. A city called Mocha located in Yemen imported two-thirds of coffee from the merchants of Berbera, which later in the 19th century was captured by the city of Aden under the Britishers.
  • Later gaining popularity among the people of the Middle-east and East Africa, coffee was helpful to create a connection and socializing. Coffee Houses served as a medium to exchange information about the happenings of the world and became a place for conversation and entertainment.

Venice didn’t welcomed coffee, while in England coffee was most accepted

  • Initially, when the word of coffee reached Venice, it wasn’t most welcomed. It was even given the name of “Devil’s cup”. Only after the approval of Pope Clement VIII, after he tasted the drink, coffee was adopted as a beverage among the people.
  • Mid of the 17th century, early in the 1650s coffee was brought to sales in England. Within 15 years, more than 3000 coffee shops were functioning in and around London.

In 1670, coffee came to India and then grown in Karnataka

  • A Sufi apostle, Baba Budan, brought coffee beans into India from Yemen in the year 1670. It was then grown and cultivated in the lands of Chikmagalur hills situated in Karnataka.
  • An oath was taken among the American colonists in a revolutionary act, to intake coffee rather than tea. This took place in the year 1773 in a Boston coffee house as a protest against the heavy taxes charged for tea. After this, brewed coffee became the taste of interest among Americans.

Today, this drink is the most preferred across the world

  • Though coffee today is an irresistible drink across all the countries in the world, earlier it was banned in Sweden, Prussia, Italy, Turkey, Mecca, and Constantinople. 

Final words

Coffee as a commodity is listed among the most traded in the world. Coffee has become a greatly loved beverage by a large population. Coffee beans after being roasted and powdered can be used to make a drink of our choice – hot or cold. So don’t forget to treat yourself from time to time by pouring in a cup of coffee!

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