Time To Get To Know Your Coffee Better By Learning About The Coffee Bean History

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The Coffee Bean History is still unknown to many coffee lovers. There are numerous stories about the Coffee Bean History and its origin. Thomas Jefferson says that coffee is the favorite drink of the civilized world. It is perhaps the reality that half of the population cannot survive without coffee. The fragrance of coffee and its flavor is extremely addictive. No one can ever settle for anything less after tasting coffee. It is known that the Coffee Bean History dates back to the 9th century. It is said that the coffee beans were discovered in Ethiopia by Kaldi. He was amazed when he saw that his goats are getting addicted to eating coffee beans. The goats didn’t sleep the entire night after eating coffee beans and were extremely energetic. SO, we must thank Kaldi for discovering the potential of something as amazing as coffee beans. However, it never came on paper until 


Timeline Of Coffee Bean History

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Story About The Legend From Ethiopia

Coffee was first discovered by Kaldi. He was an Ethiopian goat herder. He was stargazed on seeing the excitement and energy his goats had after accidentally eating the beans from the coffee plant. On sharing his experience with the abbot, he found that they mix the energizing berries in the drinks of people to keep them awake during the evening prayer. The knowledge began to spread and reached the peninsula of Arabia.

The Arabian Peninsula

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The trade and cultivation of coffee began in the peninsula of Arabia. People not only enjoyed it at home but at the coffee houses also. Coffee was called Yahweh and Khanh over there. Patrons not only drank coffee to get engaged in conversations but also to enjoy music, watch performances, etc. With time the knowledge of coffee began to spread rapidly.

Europe Gets To Witness The Flavour Of Coffee

The travelers of Europe came back with the stories of an unusually dark beverage. There were numerous controversies about coffee, and it was called the “bitter invention of Satan.” Coffee was banned in Venice. With the intensity of controversy increasing, Pope Clement VIII decided to intervene. When he tasted coffee, he was overwhelmed with satisfaction. Coffee’s popularity kept on increasing despite the controversies. It replaced many beverages and was stealing people’s hearts. Coffee houses became a business, and by the mid 17th century, London had 300 houses of coffee. 

Coffee Entering The New World

Well, the Coffee Bean History is as interesting as it could be. In the mid-1600s, coffee reached the then New Amsterdam, now New York. A heavy tax was imposed on tea, and it made people switch to coffee forever. Coffee was then cultivated outside Arabia because of its increasing demand. The dutch got the seeds, and then they expanded the cultivation of coffee. Then coffee entered America, and from there onwards, the spreading of coffee never stopped. New nations got established in the economy from coffee.


Coffee Bean History is one of the most interesting histories. Coffee began to travel from Ethiopia, and then it never stopped traveling. Coffee Bean History is mind-blowing. Nobody would’ve thought back then that one day people will be studying Coffee Bean History.

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