The Basics Of Using A French Press Coffee Brewer


When most people think of a French Press Coffee, they think about the coffee bean and what comes out of that. While the initial thought is a good one, it is only a small part of the whole process. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of coffee preparation.

The Basics of Using a French Press Coffee Brewer
The Basics of Using a French Press Coffee Brewer

Prepare Delicious French Press Coffee

The first thing that you have to do when using a French Press for your coffee is to set up the method of brewing. Just because you’re using a French Press does not mean that you are limited to standard drip brewing. Here are a few more things to consider:

Light Cappuccino – Light Cappuccino, which is an Irish Coffee beverage, has been around for centuries and makes a great addition to any pot of coffee. A cup of coffee brewed with Light Cappuccino will be very smooth and will bring forth subtle hints of Irish cream.

Cold Brew – This style of cappuccino is a bit more common than the other two. Cold Brew allows you to use fresh ingredients but also lets the grounds linger on the bottom of the pot. In this case, use milk instead of water.

The Popularity Of Espresso Coffee

Espresso – One of the most common methods of making coffee is to use an espresso machine. In this case, you will want to start by adding beans in a Boveda can. After a few minutes you will be ready to make your own espresso.

Espresso is a wonderful method of brewing coffee and can be much like no other. A Boveda pack or pre-ground coffee beans work well as the ground coffee can get burnt if used with a regular coffee maker.

Espresso can be made very easily in a French Press by putting hot coffee beans in the pre-ground container and putting the plunger at the bottom of the container. It’s important to choose a plunger that is large enough to fit into the container without spilling out the grounds.

The Basics of Using a French Press Coffee Brewer
The Basics of Using a French Press Coffee Brewer

Different Brewing Methods

Method of Brewing – Most of us don’t really know how to brew our coffee in a drip brewer, but we do know how to make French Press coffee in a normal-sized pot over the stove. There are several methods to choose from. All of them are just as easy as brewing coffee with a French Press.

Direct Brewing – This method of brewing allows you to separate the grounds and pour the coffee directly into individual pods. This is much like making a latte.

Drip Method – This method uses a special coffee filter to keep the grounds from being exposed to the atmosphere. You pour the coffee into the individual pod and wait for the grounds to saturate them.

Espresso – In order to make a true espresso, it is necessary to use a special espresso filter and espresso beans. Use these beans to make espresso coffee. This method is most often associated with Italian coffee bars.

There are plenty of advantages to using a French Press coffee brewer. Take a look at the following information to get a better idea of how to take care of your French Press.