The Aeropress – A Dark And Delicious Cup Of Coffee

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Do you enjoy drinking coffee with milk and sugar added? So am assuming if you’re reading this, you probably add cream/milk/sugar to your regular coffee too. Have you ever tried to drink black whole coffee before and just simply disliked the taste? Maybe you’re like many others who find it boring and forgettable. For those of you who aren’t naturally attracted to just drink plain black coffee, but still are, it may be a strange acquired taste.

Certain Genetic Disorders

For many years before people even started to consider coffee as a health food, consumption of it was limited to those with certain genetic disorders. However, drinking coffee black does reduce risk for certain diseases. If you’re a regular consumer of it, you may have already discovered that it has a few different health benefits. It contains antioxidants that can reduce the risks for heart disease and cancer. And unfortunately for some, daily intake of it increases the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Some people enjoy drinking coffee black so much, they even considered making their own variation of it, the cafe americano. The basis for the combination is basically the same as with the regular version of the beverage: a blend of milk, sweetened with a little bit of cream, and added sugar or cocoa powder (coffee actually contains caffeine), a touch of lemon, and then you pour it over ice. There are a lot of versions of the cafe americano, which are offered in various Italian restaurants today. Caf americano can either come from a regular coffee blend, or a different one altogether, such as a Viennese coffee blend which is drier than any other type of coffee in the world.

Cafe Americano

A cup of coffee

One of the main differences between regular and cafe lattes is the brewing style used. Cafe lattes are made through a hot water extraction method while serving coffee black is best done through the use of a double boiler. These differences in brewing styles make each version of the beverage unique and offer a richer and more robust flavor when drunk on its own. The longer steaming process used by the chefs that are employed in making cafe lattes allows for more flavor to be extracted from the coffee beans. As a result, coffee made through the double boiler method offers more robustness and flavor than the Single Cup variety.

Different Brewing Method

The Aeropress version of drinking coffee black also uses a slightly different brewing method than the regular one. Instead of using water coming from the filter, the water is heated inside the Aeropress machine through the use of an ionization element. Ionized water doesn’t contain the same amount of negatively charged ions that can contribute to the flavor of ordinary coffee. Instead of attracting these positively charged ions, they stay on the inside of the cup preventing them from attracting any.


Finally, the only real downside to drinking Aeropress coffee is the fact that it does not provide as much caffeine as one might think. For someone who drinks several cups throughout the day, this may not be a big downside as they already prefer the taste and caffeine levels from a local coffee shop. If you enjoy the unique taste of a freshly brewed cup of coffee and don’t want it to have any caffeine in it, then this is definitely the cup for you.

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