Over A Cup Of Irish Coffee: A Story


Irish coffee is nothing but a mixture of coffee, whiskey, and sugar served with creamy top. Irish coffee is at least 100 years old and a still favorite. It is a hot beverage and served in a mug specially designed for it. The whiskey used in the recipe gives it its unique taste and aroma. It is liked most in European countries like France and Germany. The recipe has evolved from traditional to modern only with a few twists and turns different chefs have given some twist to the original recipe and made it theirs. 

A Story Over A Cup Of Irish Coffee
Over A Cup Of Irish Coffee: A Story

Evolution Of Irish Coffee

It has its origin from Germany and Denmark to the German soldiers. The purpose behind serving them this coffee was to keep them awake at night during the war.  In the year 1943, a Foynes Airbase chef Joe Sheridan added some whiskey to the coffee of a disembarking passenger and thus invented a new version of it. Stanton Delaplane, a travel writer from San Francisco, claims that he was the one to bring Irish coffee to the United States.

Preparation Of Original Irish Coffee

It is a beautiful combination of coffee and whiskey. Original preparation of this includes Irish whiskey, sugar, and prepared black coffee. First, black coffee is prepared by mixing 1 tbsp. Coffee in 100ml water. The mixture is boiled for 3 minutes and kept aside. Then 30ml Irish whiskey and one teaspoon sugar are added over black coffee. After stirring the mixture,  pour a thick cream layer over the coffee.


In all the recipes, the essential three ingredients, whiskey, coffee, and cream are the same. But, some variations can produce a new version of it. Choice of coffee, brewing method and selection of whiskey can bring a few varieties in the original recipe. Instead of brewing the coffee in the boiler, espresso machines and coffee capsules can be used. Some bars serve it with sprayed can cream. In Spain, some bartenders prepare it by keeping a separate layer of whiskey at the bottom of the mug. Thus the coffee has three layers in it. Some Southeast Asian bars sell iced coffee with whiskey in the name of it.

Is It Possible Without Whiskey?

The original coffee recipe includes Irish whiskey. However, some recipes are available which uses no alcohol. A non-alcoholic version uses rum extract instead of whiskey. The method to prepare non-alcoholic Irish coffee is given here. Mix freshly brewed black coffee, rum extract, and brown sugar in a mug. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Whip the cream until it is thick and airy. Finally, pour the cream on the coffee.

A Story Over A Cup Of Irish Coffee
Over A Cup Of Irish Coffee: A Story


Chefs must use a strong and freshly brewed coffee. This will give the coffee the best aroma and flavor. While using rum extract or whiskey, the chef should take care of the quantity. All these small tips can result in a perfect cuppa. They go well in any cocktail party. It is easily prepared with few ingredients and a favorite among alcoholics.