Manufacturing Electronic Weighing Scales


Electronic weighing scales, sophisticated weighing machines, record the results during the weighing process with the help of software. It has many advantages over the mechanical scales. Users can read the digital values on the display, and hence it is easy to check the weight. Analog to digital converter (ADC) is there in the electronic weighing device that amplifies the load cell signals. Nowadays, the business of small to big sized prefers electronic weighing devices such as jewelry, laboratory, food processing, bakeries, manufacturers, retailers, courier companies, and healthcare.

Electronic Weighing Scales: Market Possibilities

The demand for this device is very high in the market, but the production is not able to meet the market demand. Hence the accuracy of electronic weighing machines is high, and it is the first choice for many industries. Furthermore, anyone can use the device easily as it is user-friendly. Companies install many applications to get better features from conventional weighing machines. The business of electronic weighing scales should be improvised, primarily for after-sale services.

Manufacturing Electronic Weighing Scales
Manufacturing Electronic Weighing Scales

Electronic Weighing Scales: Manufacturing Process

However, the device comprises electrochemical hardware, electric cells, and electronic circuits. Like any automated device, it also includes diodes, integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, coils, transformers, transistors, potentiometer, PCB (printed circuit board), and relays.

After manufacturing, the step of tasting comes. Electronic assembly, assembled PCBs, electromechanically assemblies, terminal displays, switches, and connectors. All the parts are tested to meet the design specifications. Keep the following factors in a note:

  • Quality standard: IS:2281/1981
  • Motive power: 5kVA
  • Production capacity:1800 units per annum

However, Load cell manufacturers follow the R 76 and R 60 standards by the International Organization Of Legal Metrology. Furthermore, the certificate is to make surety that the device meets the international quality standards for testing and metrological performance.

Waste Management Practice:

All manufacturing companies should follow government rules and specifications in terms of environmental conservation. However, the government has declared the Environment Protection Act to ensure the environment conservation. Electronic weighing machine manufacturers must follow the rules, as stated by the government. Some important rules for environment conservation are as follows:

However, companies should replace polluting technologies with new technologies to decrease the release of harmful gases. Traditionally, 30 to 40 percent of the solid wastes were there in the manufacturing process, and nowadays the solid wastes are reduced up to 10 percent.

However, Manufacturers use organic solvents like alcohols and ketones to remove polar contaminants and solder fluxes. They can also use some useful and popular cleaners, including chlorinated solvents like trichloroethylene, methylene chloride, and perchloroethylene.

Conservation Of Energy

Steps to follow that conserve electric energy:

Use technologies, testing facilities, and production methods that are energy saving.

Manage the manufacturing machines, testing machines, and other systems effectively.

Maintain and service the equipment and motors periodically.

Use desoldering machines or soldering that is temperature controlled to minimize the consumption of electricity.

Equipment And Raw Materials

Raw Materials:

basic load cell, output recorders,  suitable signal conditioners and indicators, capacitors, resistors, PCBs, transistors, transformers, cable connectors, noise filters, wires, consumables , etc.

Manufacturing Electronic Weighing Scales
Manufacturing Electronic Weighing Scales


  • Digital multimeter
  • Bench drilling machine
  • Oscilloscope (0MHz – 20MHz)
  • Digital LCR meter
  • IC tester/EPROM programmer
  • Portable grinder
  • Load cell simulator
  • Standard weights (brass)
  • UV eraser
  • Multimeter (analog)