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Learn Everything From Coffee History Timeline

coffee history timeline

Coffee has become one of the most essential parts of our morning. It is because you cannot start your day without a cup of coffee. The coffee helps get rid of sleepiness and makes you focused on your work.

So, it is the reason why many offices have coffee makers to ensure that the employees can continue to drink their favorite coffee every day in the morning. You can check the coffee history timeline to understand the change. Here is the complete coffee history timeline to learn everything.

Before 1000 A.D.:

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Members of the Galla use berries from the coffee tree, ground-up & mixed with animal fat to give them energy during the day.

Ottoman Turks carry coffee to Constantinople.

The world’s first coffee shop, “Kiva Han”, opened in Constantinople.

Coffee is brought to Venice by Italian traders & starts spreading to the western half of the globe. Pope Advisers of Clement VIII tried to persuade him to declare coffee an infidel threat because it comes from the Ottoman Empire.

Italy gets its first coffeehouse.

It is important in the coffee history timeline as it is the time for England to get its first coffeehouse.

Coffee becomes a favorite breakfast drink in New York City’s place of lager.

The first coffeehouse opens in Paris.

Franz Georg Kolschitzky, a Viennese who had lived in Turkey, opens the first coffee house in Vienna from riches of the battle for Vienna.

The Dutch carry a coffee plant out of the Arab port of Mocha & become the first to transport & cultivate coffee commercially.

1721: Start Of Coffee House In The Coffee History Timeline

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The first coffee house opens in Berlin.

The Brazilian coffee industry gets its start when Lieutenant colonel Francisco de Melo Palheta when the wife of French Guiana’s governor gave him a bouquet wherein she hid cuttings & fertile seeds of coffee.

After the Boston Tea Party drinking coffee becomes a patriotic duty in America.

Prussia’s Frederick the Great tried to impede imports of green coffee, because Prussia had financial issues at the time, yet the public before long changed his mind.

Start of the 20

1900: Important For Coffee History Timeline

Hills Bros. starts to pack roast coffee in vacuum tins which marks the time of the decline of the local roasting shops & coffee factories.

Japanese-American physicist Satori Kato of Chicago creates the first dissolvable instant coffee.

“Sanka” was invented by the German researchers coffee importer Ludwig Roselius.

The first mass-produced instant coffee was invented by George Constant Washington, an English scientific expert living in Guatemala.

As Prohibition starts in the United States, coffee sales rise.

Nestle company invented freeze-dried coffee as a method for Brazil to keep its coffee overflows. From that Nestle concocts Nescafe.

The US imports 70% of the world’s coffee crop, making it the top in the world. It is another important part of the coffee history timeline.

During W.W.II, American soldiers get instant Maxwell House coffee in their ration packs while at the home front uncontrolled hoarding coerced the government to ration coffee.


In Italy, Achilles Gaggia culminates his coffee machine.

Starbucks started its first store in Seattle’s Pike Place public market marking it as an important day for the coffee history timeline.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the details that can be helpful to understand the coffee history timeline. It will ensure that you can know how it all started. Everyone interested in the coffee history timeline should consider such information. This way, you can become more aware of how coffee becomes such a big deal.

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