Latte Recipe And Tips For Making It


Latte is a type of coffee; it is an espresso-based milky drink with a 1 to 3 espresso to milk ratio and can go up to 1 to 9 ratio. It is perfect for who likes milk and coffee taste both.
This beverage is a trendy drink in America because of its sweet, mellow flavor.

Latte Recipe

The standard latte mainly consists of the following ingredients:

One or two oz of espresso
Take 5 to 6 shots of steamed milk,
Top up it with a thin layer of frothed milk.
You can add flavors as per your choice.

Latte is basically a mixture of milk and coffee, and it originates from Italy, where it is known as cafe latte. It one of the popular coffee drinks because the coffee content is very dilute, and you can change the taste as per your need by adding some flavors and making it a dessert. The frothed milk layer allows you to make various beautiful styles and drawings at the top.

Latte is mainly prepared by a latte machine.

Latte Recipe And Tips For Making It
Latte Recipe And Tips For Making It

Mocha vs. Latte

Mocha coffee is made from chocolate flavor coffee beans. The drink is made from the coffee beans which are found in Yemen. In order to get a rich chocolate taste, baristas started adding chocolate to the mocha recipe. If we compare latte vs. mocha, the latte is a very light drink, with very less amount of coffee mixed with milk, whereas mocha is a stronger coffee and even more than a cappuccino.

Flat White

The flat white recipe is a combination of cappuccino and latte; you need the following ingredients to make it:
1/3 espresso
you can have one shot of espresso or two shots of ristretto
2/3 micro-foam steamed milk
The texture of the milk plays a crucial role as the milk is steamed in order to avoid dry foam.
You can make art due to the fact that the milk is in a flat white micro-foamed and it doesn’t form fluffy foam similar to a cappuccino. This leads to creating confusion between a latte and the flat white.

Latte Recipe And Tips For Making It
Latte Recipe And Tips For Making It

Tips For Perfect Steamed Milk And Foam

Always Use very cold milk. Take the milk out from the refrigerator just before using it and then fill your steamer about one-third full. Do not fill it fully because, during steaming and aeration of liquid, it will get double or triple in volume.
Good quality of milk will help in creating better foam, and it will also provide better flavor than low-fat milk. When you use milk with more fat, the taste and texture will be richer.


This art is becoming popular in coffee shops of Europe and America where Baristas are adding a bit of art with steamed and aerated milk to add some beautiful design in order to get the aesthetic appeal.

You can make various shapes and patterns with steamed milk and foam. You can make designs of trees, hearts, and flowers.