I Never Thought Of That: Getting The Most Out Of Your Coffee Kettle

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The coffee kettle is one of the best kitchen appliances that everyone loves to have. There are some ways that you can use these coffee kettles for more than just making a cup of coffee. Let us look at some examples of what a coffee kettle can do.

Unknown Uses Of Coffee Kettle
I Never Thought Of That: Getting The Most Out Of Your Coffee Kettle

Boiling Eggs

If you want to have some soft boiled eggs with some toast or hard-boiled eggs for salads, then a coffee kettle can be a perfect way to boil eggs. Add the number of eggs you want to prepare into the kettle and set the kettle over the fire. Pour water until the eggs got down to the bottom. Ensure you start a timer for five minutes for the soft boil and nine minutes for hard-boiled eggs. You can even experiment on the type of coffee kettle or the size of it. Besides, you can also prepare poached eggs by just adding the eggs with the help of a spoon.

Preparing Hot Dogs

Place your hot dogs in the coffee kettle and set the maker to make it a full pot. The water will fill the whole pot with hot dogs and makes them hot. If they are cooked, then the reheating process will happen to make hot dogs perfect.

Poaching Chicken

Place raw chicken wings or meat in the kettle and add garlic, seasoning, butter, and herbs. Indeed, you can have perfect hot chicken wings within 20 minutes. Make sure you don’t forget to set the pot for hot water. You can have it for salads, sandwiches, or soups.

Unknown Uses Of Coffee Kettle
I Never Thought Of That: Getting The Most Out Of Your Coffee Kettle

Making Chocolate Fondue

Try to make chocolate fondue with a coffee kettle to make it different. Heat cream and then add chocolate bars. Then again, stir it if you want. Add some butter, salt, and milk into the kettle. You can dip bananas, raspberries, blackberries, or even cookies. Cookies can be Oreos, Milanos, marshmallows, crispy rice treats, and many more.

Cooking Rice

You don’t have to cook rice with the rice cooker for only a small portion. If you are preparing a half cup, then take advantage of your kettle. Add rice to the maker and add a sufficient amount of water to it. Set the timer for ten minutes to get the perfect texture of cooked rice.

Cooking Pasta

Similar to rice, you can cook any type of pasta in your kettle. Put your pasta in the pot and add water to it. Then, turn on the heat and let it cook pasta. However, it would help if you stirred it occasionally.

Cooking Oats And Ramen

Most people use their coffee makers to cook ramen and noodles. However, you can boil even oats in the kettle. Put your oats in the pot and add some water. You can add a teabag in the coffee pot compartment for flavor. Your oatmeal will be ready within five to eight minutes.

Steaming Vegetables

Most people like to add some steamed vegetables to salads and soups. In that case, take advantage of your coffee kettle to cook your vegetables. Place your chopped vegetables in the pot and set the timer for five minutes. However, the timer will be different according to the type of vegetables. It takes two minutes for tomatoes and five minutes for cauliflowers to cook.

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