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History Of Coffee Shops – Read This If You Are A Coffee Lover

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To enjoy or to talk or to just have the first meet, the most preferred place is the coffee house. To the surprise, the coffee house has been in existence since late 1400. The article is all about how coffee shops came into existence. The coffee shops are the best way to have time with all-time coffee and some snacks. The coffee shops originated way back in the middle east. The idea of the coffee house brings up a soothing and cozy place. The first on record coffee house which was open for public services was in 1475. The name of the coffee shop was Kiva Han and it was located in Istanbul, Turkey. The coffee chains are well known to serve the best served and brewed coffee.

History Of Coffee Shops – Turkish Coffee

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The best-known taste of coffee is the world-renowned Turkish coffee. The Turkish coffee is served as strong unfiltered and extreme black which is brewed in a tool known as ibrik. The coffee for the Turkish is the taste bud. And to an extreme surprise in the first of shock that the woman can even divorce his men if he cannot fulfill her daily basis coffee quota. Turkish coffee is loved by people around the world and made with unfiltered coffee beans.

History Of Coffee Shops – The American Coffee

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The American coffee or the Americano is the coffee that started gaining popularity in late 1800 at restaurants for coffee lovers. It was invented when America was colonized, the coffee was known as a stress buster. The major role of the house for coffee is the business community. The Americans not only in the state but around the world loved Americano Coffee. The coffee is made by making espresso and diluting it with hot water but the flavor is different from the traditionally brewed coffee.

History Of Coffee Shops – First Coffee Chain

The first-ever known coffee shop was established in America. The Peet’s originally known as Starbucks was the first major roaster and chain of coffee shops. Starbucks was founded in 1971. It was known to be the third culture representation. Now the Starbucks coffee chain is known to be the most elite and well ambiance shops to be known around the world. The coffee shop is known for the ambiance and level of work. Starbucks was first known to be opening the store in Seattle.Starbucks provides the best taste and brewed coffee from around the globe to the customers with the perfect taste and flavors of originally brewed coffee.


The coffee shops are the best-known places to meet and have the best coffee for coffee lovers. The coffee shops hold an important segment for having coffee and snacks. Not only for coffee the workaholics can perform their work with full comfort. If you are planning to start a coffee shop any time soon, the knowledge you have about the history might be of great help. Also, as a coffee lover, you should know the history of coffee and coffee shop and they are interesting to learn about.

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