History Of Brewing Coffee Details


Most people start their day by having a cup of coffee. However, the way of brewing coffee will be different. Some people love instant coffee and some others like espresso. There are some methods that we can recognize today, but they are actually from ancient history. Let us take a look at the technology of brewing coffee and history evolved.

History Of Brewing Coffee Details
History Of Brewing Coffee Details

Ibrik Method

The coffee traded in the 13th century on Arabia. In this period, the way of brewing coffee was discharging of the coffee grounds in hot water. However, this process would take almost five hours. Coffee is popularly grown and made it the way to Egypt, Turkey, and Persia. Most importantly, Turkey is the origin or home to the first coffee brewing, named Ibrik method. This method can be still seen in some places.

The Ibrik method got its name by a small pot, an ibrik. It uses to brew and serve the Coffee in Turkey. This little pot will have a handle on one side that can help in serving. Coffee grounds, water, sugar, and spices mix before coffee brewing. In this method, the mixture is heated, cooled for some time, and again heated for other more times.

Biggin Brewing Coffee Pots

In the 17th century, coffee made its way to Europe. It happened when European tourists brought this with them from Arabia. It became popular, and shops also popped up all over Europe. Pots are the first method of brewing. The metal filters help to filter the coffee grinds. Even it helps in allowing heat absorption. Therefore, these coffee pots got evolved and did the filtering methods.

Biggin, famous as the first commercial coffeemaker, coffee pots are four-part coffee pots with a cloth bag to filter. Due to poor drainage, water sometimes would run into the coffee. However, they are much improved over the original version of cloth filtering.

Brewing Coffee Percolators

The coffee percolator was the other invention of brewing coffee. The decoction is one of the processes that Coffee pots make coffee. It is mixing the coffee grounds with water to produce coffee. It became popular for many years, and still, we can see this decoction process. The percolator improved by making a coffee with the leftover coffee grounds. You don’t have to filter this coffee method before drinking. This method works by using steam pressure, which is generated by high flame.

History Of Brewing Coffee Details
History Of Brewing Coffee Details

Espresso Machines

The espresso machines came in 1884. It still uses in some coffee shops. Angelo Moriondo from Italy patented this machine. In this device, by using water to pressurize steam for making a strong coffee. After some years, Desiderio Pavoni and Luigi Bezzerra improved his espresso machine. They both produced almost 1000 cups of coffee within an hour.

This espresso doesn’t taste like today’s espresso. The reason behind this is the steam mechanism — however, many updates gone on this espresso machine and created a much smoother and creamier brewed coffee.


Drinking coffee may be ancient, but the process or the way of brewing coffee is different. Coffee lovers can like any brewed coffee. There are many ways and modern machines available to make your coffee quicker and smoother texture.