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ethiopia coffee history

Ethiopia is one of the world’s most wanted countries. It is a peaceful African country situated in the geographic crossroads of Africa and Arabia. Many travelers come to this part of the globe seeking peace, stability, economy, and natural beauty. As such, when one talks about Ethiopia, one cannot miss mentioning its most popular and well-known attribute which is its fascinating history. This article will give you an insight into how important this historical attribute is to the country and how it relates to its people.

Ethiopia is mostly known for its coffee. It is the top producer of coffee in the entire world. The country is also one of the major exporters of coffee beans, coffee powder, chocolates, tea leaves, coffee oil, etc. Its geographical location makes it one of the ideal places in which to grow coffee. Besides, the climate here is also ideal for coffee cultivation.

The most popular coffee bean variety in Ethiopia is Red Sea Coffee. It is also known as Black Coffee. A large number of coffee-producing farms are located in the fertile desert areas of Ethiopia. Moreover, these farms have the perfect environment for growing different varieties of coffee crops. So, if you are looking for coffee beans and blends, Ethiopia is definitely your best bet.

Ethiopia Coffee History

Ethiopia Coffee

Not only does Ethiopia possess some excellent coffee plantations, the country also boasts of beautiful landscapes and diverse landscapes. The country’s mountains provide the perfect conditions for mountain climbers. Likewise, the diverse topography provides an ideal base for animal migrations, seasonal migration, and hunting. The unique flora and fauna of Ethiopia also provide a habitat for some rare species of birds and animals. Most importantly, the country’s geography offers travelers a panoramic view of the diverse landscape of the place.

In addition to that, there is a lot of history to be explored and enjoyed. Ethiopia tourism has been continuously gaining patrons. As a result, more hotels, lodges, and establishments have been built. In turn, travelers and visitors have more choices when it comes to choosing accommodation.

Since Ethiopia is considered one of the world’s largest exporters of coffee beans, you can find a variety of coffee beans available in the local market. You can even buy coffee beans online from reputable sellers. If you want to experience real Ethiopian coffee flavor, you can buy coffee grinds. But if you want to enjoy the real thing, you can purchase coffee that is from small farms.

A Much Ado 

Ethiopia Coffee

Ethiopia’s geography is characterized by rolling hills covered with lush vegetation and the country’s largest river. Ethiopia’s rich topography and subtropical climate make it an ideal destination for travelers and vacationers. This is also the main reason why many people visit Ethiopia to explore the history of the place and the various cuisines available in the local market.

Although coffee is the number one commodity in Ethiopia, the country also exports other agricultural products such as olive oil, rubber, gold, diamonds, and pottery. Because of the abundance of these products, the cost of living in Ethiopia is relatively low. In addition, the government encourages private enterprise through its liberal trade policies. Although there are several laws that regulate private businesses in Ethiopia, the country’s government does not interfere in personal decisions between entrepreneurs and consumers. As a result, you can enjoy both great coffee flavor and a safe environment while enjoying your vacation in Ethiopia.

There is a long and interesting history behind the coffee bean that makes Ethiopia so special. Since ancient times, coffee has been a part of the lives of several groups of people all over the world. Ethiopia’s geographic location and rich fertile soil are also key factors in its production. Today, coffee is grown in many areas including the Rift Valley, Addis Ababa, and the fertile zone surrounding Lake Yauhara on the northern coast.

The history of coffee dates back to around 3000 B.C. when it was discovered by Egyptianologists. During those years, ancient civilizations also discovered that coffee increases fertility. As a result, coffee farms were established in Ethiopia. However, these farms failed to yield as coffee produced significant quantities of berries every year. Only in the 20th century was coffee able to grow to the extent that it could be sold commercially.

Bottom Line 

Today, there are many different types of coffee grown in Ethiopia. Some are Arab coffee which is Arabica type and has a slight acidity in its taste. Others include hazel coffee and black coffee. You can also find strong-flavored blends, such as leopard or cinnamon. These strong-flavored blends have become very popular with the discerning coffee drinker.

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