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irish coffee history

The Irish coffee cake is still considered one of the best-tasting desserts in the world. Although many bakeries have switched to white sugar and other cheaper sweeteners, Irish coffee cake lives and breathes on the rich flavor of Irish cream. I love this delicious pastry and have made it a part of my everyday diet since I discovered it thirty years ago. The story goes that a young servant girl of the Irish family fell ill, and the family could not provide her with the medical attention she needed. As a result, her death created a wake-up call for her husband to make a spiritual journey. It is said that he never left the house again after this episode.

History Of The Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

If you are looking for Irish coffee history, perhaps the fascinating part of all is where the drink came from. You may think that you know the truth, but the truth is much stranger than you might imagine. For instance, the story of the Irish coffee cake may have been initially told as a story about the ones flying boat. This may have been the story that became the basis for many of the ingredients used in today’s version of the Irish coffee cake.

There was a town in Ireland named Foynes flying boats. This was a bustling fishing community at the time. There were a large number of sailing boats and gliders that were part of the entire community. The fishermen would travel out onto the Irish Sea to fish, gather fish, and prepare it for sale back home. The entire process for preparing and shipping food back and forth from Ireland was quite lengthy and often dangerous.

How The Irish Coffee Was Made?

Irish Coffee

When the sailors returned from their harvests, they would typically share what they had brought home. The cook would then take the cooked Irish coffee and create several different recipes based on what they believed the best was. These recipes often varied according to the region of Ireland involved. 

Sturgeon Is The Main Ingredient Of Irish Coffee

Of course, not everything has to be good for you! Some fun facts have been uncovered about the Irish coffee original recipe. For example, one of the main ingredients that made the drink taste so firmly was sturgeon. Sturgeon is a type of fish that is prized for being rich in calcium, one of the primary nutrients that make up the Irish coffee blend.

Final Thoughts

This exciting bit of history may be the perfect addition to your next cocktail party! You can serve up an Irish coffee drink while having fun facts about the Irish whiskey and Irish coffee original recipe as well. It is one thing to know that there was a connection between the two; it’s another to understand that these connections helped shape the beverage we know today. If you want to have a good time, you should consider trying to recreate this history yourself. This is relatively easy to do since the Internet has a wealth of Irish coffee history links that you can check out to help you learn how this beverage got its start.

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