Everyone Must Know About The Benefits And Risks Of Coffee


With the first sip of the coffee in winters, you will feel the warmth. Moreover, it is a staple for many to stay energized and carry daily chores. The tongue can’t let go of that caffeine taste for long. You can do all night having your favorite cuppa coffee. Sure, there are many more advantages of drinking coffee. Caffeine can’t be dangerous for health. Right? Coffee addicts will only pay attention to the benefits associated with coffee. However, there is also a flip side to this beverage. Drinking coffee have some risk factors when consumed more than the recommended amount. So, in this article we discuss the benefits and risks of coffee.

Coffee Benefits And Risks Everyone Must Know
Coffee Benefits And Risks Everyone Must Know

Benefits Of Coffee

Lesser Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes 

When someone drinks at least 6 cups of coffee daily, that person has a 22% lesser risk of diabetes. As per the research by Harvard’s Dr. Frank Hu, the risk of type II diabetes reduces by 9% on consumption of 1 cup coffee per day. A cup of decaf coffee also reduced the risk by 6%.

Good For The Heart

Many studies are conducted to understand the relation between heart and caffeine. According to the research, drinking coffee in moderation may save you from heart failure. Such people have an 11% lower risk of heart failure as compared to non-coffee drinkers. Drinking coffee is also probably beneficial for cardiovascular health, like blood pressure. 

Lesser Chances Of Colorectal Cancer

Even if you drink a small amount of caffeine, you are on the safer side of getting colorectal cancer – the risk reduces by 26%. In fact, the more the consumption less the risk.

Risks Of Coffee

Leads To Insomnia And Restlessness

The quantity of drinking coffee is formulated in every person’s DNA. The suggested amount of caffeine is about 400 mg, which means about 4 cups of coffee. So, those who are caffeine-sensitive should drink this beverage carefully. Otherwise, over-consumption will make you restless, and you’ll even become insomniac.

Coffee Benefits And Risks Everyone Must Know
Coffee Benefits And Risks Everyone Must Know

High Cholesterol Level

On the other hand, a few studies detected higher levels of fat and cholesterol who drink excess coffee. The cafestol and kahweol in coffee seem to increase LDL cholesterol levels in the body. These components are high in espresso, French press, Turkish coffee, and Scandinavian style coffee. So, people with a high level of cholesterol must avoid them and instead opt for filtered coffee.

Coffee Benefits And Risks Everyone Must Know
Coffee Benefits And Risks Everyone Must Know

Not Safe For Expecting Women

According to various studies, the result of coffee consumption for pregnant women is dangerous to their baby. Still, it is proved that caffeine will reach the fetus when expecting women to drink coffee, and babies are highly sensitive to caffeine. Thus, women who coffee lover should reduce caffeine intake to one cup per day.

Coffee Benefits And Risks Balancing

Your coffee addiction is apparently fine which is beneficial in many ways. However, over-limit of everything has its adverse effects. So, if you see any side effects from coffee like nervousness, insomnia, heartburn, consider cutting down your coffee intake.