Espresso Vs Regular Coffee

What is Espresso?

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Espresso is a coffee beverage that is brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. This method produces an extremely concentrated coffee that packs a punch of caffeine and flavor to its drinker.

Espresso, unlike regular coffees, has very little/no foam on top of the drink since the brewing process creates more of either oils or carbon dioxide bubbles in comparison to regular coffees. These are some reasons why espresso drinks are known for their stronger taste as well as the more significant “crema” on top of the finished product.

What is Regular Coffee?

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Regular coffee is any type of full-bodied cup made from roasted coffee beans that are usually ground into smaller pieces before being brewed with water via machines or hand-brewed methods.

Regular coffee is known as a drink that is lower in caffeine by comparison to espresso, but this doesn’t mean it has no caffeine! It only means it has less caffeine per serving amount. On average, a typical cup of regular coffee contains about 95-165mg of caffeine while a standard/small drip-brewed cup can have anywhere from 85-150mg on average.

Why Drink Espresso?

Espresso drinkers are drawn to the beverage for its great taste and strong effect since there is a more concentrated shot put into the drink due to the shorter brewing process required for preparation. In addition, people enjoy espresso because they desire an energy boost or simply want a better-tasting option compared to regular coffees available at most coffeehouses.

A more popular choice amongst espresso drinkers is to add a shot(s) of espresso to a regular coffee in order to enhance the flavor and/or make it more caffeine-heavy without having to drink several cups of strong regular coffee which can be incredibly wasteful or cause some stomach problems for some!

Why Drink Regular Coffee?

The main reasons people enjoy drinking regular coffee are because they want a good tasting beverage that has less caffeine than an average cup of espresso, but still packs a decent punch without needing too many cups or shots since one cup of regular coffee typically contains about 1/2 the caffeine compared to the same size of espresso.

People prefer drinking regular coffee over espresso due to its milder taste and lower caffeine content per serving. It is easier and doesn’t require as much clean-up since the espresso machine, especially those older models with a manual steam wand, can be extremely messy and time-consuming to clean after use.

Who Should Drink Espresso?

People who should drink espresso include those individuals that want a flavorful drink that packs a punch of caffeine as well as the person who wants an energy boost without wanting to spend $5-$8 on just one 16oz cup of coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts!

The average espresso shot contains around 60mg of caffeine per ounce whereas regular drip brews contain about 50mg of caffeine per ounce poured into the filter basket/carafe. When you throw in milk(s) into the espresso beverage, the caffeine content can be even lower by comparison since steamed/foam milk has fewer calories than regular whole or skimmed milk.

Who Should Drink Regular Coffee?

Those people who enjoy milder tasting coffee with a bit of flavor should drink regular coffee because it offers a more mild taste due to the brewing process of not having extra oils or carbon dioxide bubbles in the final product. People who like strong-tasting beverages should still choose espresso over regular coffee for this reason!

Regular coffees are also preferable by people who want their morning drink without spending $5-$8 on just one 16oz cup of drip-brewed java at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts! You can buy a bag of high-quality whole-bean coffee for much cheaper than that!


Both espresso and regular coffee are very popular beverages to drink and each has its own unique and flavorful taste and caffeine content! Espresso contains more caffeine per ounce, but regular coffee is cheaper and easier to maintain/clean up after use. So, it’s really up to you which drink of choice is more appealing since they are both so delicious!

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