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Eight OClock Coffee History That Brings The Best Out Of Your Day

eight o'clock coffee history

We have everything that you would want to know about eight o’clock coffee – its history, types of coffee they sell, and its benefits. The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, or A&P, in 1859, introduced a brand of the light roast of coffee, named Eight O’clock coffee. Eight o’clock coffee history is long it originated 160 years ago and has become the leader of whole-bean coffee. It is the 5th largest coffee brand in the USA for its loyalty and repeat rates among its other coffee competitors. It has a variety of different origins and no brand bean would come close to it. It also claims to be the best drinking coffee out in the market. Eight o’clock coffee history also tells us a bit about how the company chose the name. They conducted a survey asking their customers at what time do they generally drink their coffee most and the majority of the answers were either 8 am or 8 pm. That is why the company decided on the name ‘Eight o’clock coffee’.

Eight O’Clock Coffee History

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Here is a brief eight o’clock coffee history for you, A&P was established in 1859 as Gillman & Company and started selling bags of whole bean coffee. They gradually started gaining popularity, by 1930 it was the most best-selling coffee in the USA. A&P, however, began to say no within the 1950s, closing stores and leaving some mass U.S. markets within the tactic. In 1979, the corporation licensed its branding division, Compass Foods, Inc., to sell Eight O’Clock Coffee to other retailers including competing supermarket chains; among them is Pathmark, a supermarket that broke away from the ShopRite retailers’ cooperative in the 1960s, which A&P acquired in 2007.

In 2003, A&P spun off the Eight O’Clock Coffee brand to Gryphon Investors, a non-public equity firm based in the city, California, which used the brand to make the Eight O’Clock Coffee Company. Some weeks later, Eight O’ Clock’s ground coffee line was introduced. Gryphon Investors would soon sell Eight O’Clock Coffee Company to Tata Global Beverages in 2006.

In 2009, Consumer Reports rated Eight O’Clock Coffee’s 100% Colombian brew because the “best buy” for ground brews, beating well-known brands, like Folgers, Maxwell House, and Starbucks.

On August 8, 2013, the whole Eight O’Clock Coffee line was revamped with new packaging and new flavors.

Also, the Eight o Clock coffee brand produced a second coffee, though this seems to possess been only sold at A&P family stores and thus has been retired with the closing of the chain in 2015.

Eight O’Clock Coffee History – Coffee Products

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Now that you already know the eight o’clock coffee history, let me tell you the coffee products they sell

Decaf original


100% Colombian

Bokar (Discontinued in 2012)

Decaf 100% Colombian

French roast

50% Decaf

Dark Italian Roast



French vanilla


Try out the eight o’clock coffee yourself, if you still haven’t. Well, I think most of us have tried 150 years old coffee and we all love it. The aroma and flavors are like no other. You also know the benefits and all the kinds of coffee they sell, so go have a hot cup!

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