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Coffee Spoons: How They Fit Your Moods

Coffee is probably the go-to drink for millions of people today. As far as I remember, I drink every day to be fresh for work. At the same time, it is considered a bad habit that I would not love to change. In fact, I believe that every coffee-dependent person would agree with me. There is nothing worse than waking up and finding no coffee for the day. In my case, I would indulge myself with another bout of sleeping until my cup of coffee becomes a thing.

Coffee Spoons For Your Moods
Coffee Spoons: How They Fit Your Moods

Coffee Spoons For Any Mood

New coffee spoons that can reflect your mood are flooding the market. They look like ‘smileys’ if you will. Basically, they have cut-out ‘moods’ made into the spoon. They can also be novel gift items for your special someone.

One of my friends do not agree with my point of view. Seeing that my order remained unchanged after so many years hanging out together, she asked me why I would choose a bitter, sour, non-sweet drink when the world is full of more exciting tastes. I smiled, shrugged, and sipped my coffee. It’s a kind of question like – why does your mom’s recipe stays the best no matter how many expensive dishes you experienced around the world, I said. Foods and drinks are not only about flavor or subtlety, they’re also a way to ground our emotions. I love that peaceful moment of smelling and drinking my cup of coffee. Or maybe you are addicted and you can’t withdraw from the caffeine, said my friend. I didn’t deny it.

It is not only we who feel more concerned about the consequences of daily consumption. Scientists are also in the loop.

Coffee Spoons: How They Fit Your Moods
Coffee Spoons: How They Fit Your Moods

Caffeine And Health

After water, coffee is said to be the most widely consumed drink in the United States. According to research, caffeine provides us with energy needed to go through an entire day without feeling sleepy or tired. At the same time, few of us know that coffee has weight-loss properties as it heightens our body metabolism.

However, too much coffee can disrupt sleep and you can feel tired throughout the day. Ironically, this is the opposite of the reason why we consume coffee’s. Another harmful effect of too much caffeine is on pregnant women or those who are trying to be pregnant. Since it increases the chances of miscarriage, you should cut back on your coffee if you are reproducing.

So, if you ask me, I would immediately nod and confirm that coffee is both an addiction and is safe. Still, it totally depends on the reason why you ask. If you’re like me, addicted and starting to be aware of my physical and mental caffeine dependence, know that we can cut down to less than 2 cups daily (according to a study). If you’re thinking of drinking it because of the benefits you’d heard elsewhere, remember this: the coffee’s industry is a business and the advertisement will never go against its product. Nothing too much is too good. Closely monitor your daily dose and enjoy it without hurting your health.

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