Coffee Roast Guide

Coffee forest was first found in the Ethiopian plateau. There is a legendary story, that a goat herder named Kaldi, discovered coffee beans after noticing that his goats are not sleeping at night after eating some berries from a certain tree and become energetic. Kaldi reported his experience to the local monastery, and the abbot share the experience with other monks. From there the story of energizing berries spread out to the east. Coffee roast is a perfect food for coffee lovers. However, this article will guide you to make the perfect roast for yourself.

Coffee Roast Guide
Coffee Roast Guide

As, the word moved to the east, it went to the Arabia peninsula and from there the journey of coffee beans came across the world.

What is Coffee Roast?

A coffee plant can grow more than 9 meters high, covered with green waxy leaves. A coffee plant can live 100 years, but it takes the first five years to reach full fruit production. Proper care can increase their production, but normally they are most productive between 7 to 20 year age. You can produce 10 pounds of coffee cherry per year from a coffee plant.

Arabica and Robusta are the two important species in coffee industries. Arabica Coffee is high grown and represents 70% of the world production with higher prices. While, Robusta coffee is used in instant and blends, cover 30% of the world production.

Coffee Roast Guide

Coffee beans are usually green, and the flavor and aroma are locked inside it. A green bean is soft and spongy and smells grassy, but after roasting the green bean taste like coffee. When the green beans are brought to high temperature, it causes some chemical changes and cooled quickly after reaching the peak perfection.

As the moisture being roasted out from the beans, it loses weight and smells like coffee. You have to quickly ground and brewed the crunchy beans before the roasted flavors diminish.

Roasting Is Both A Science And An Art

To become an expert roaster, you have to takes years of training, because you will only have a bit of a second to decide a perfect toasted coffee or a ruined batch.

Coffee Roast Guide: Know Your Roast

Generally, there are four color categories in roasted coffee. These are light, medium, medium-dark, and dark according to the industry standardization. Generally consumers think that there is a higher level of caffeine in the strong and black flavored coffee. But, the light roasted coffee has a higher concentration of caffeine.

As, there is a great difference between roasts, it will be better to ask before buying.

Light Roasts

Coffee Roast Guide
Coffee Roast Guide

Light roasted will have no oil on the surface because they are enough roasted to break through the oil to the surface of the beans. It is generally light in color and prefers milder coffee.

Medium Roasts

This medium brown color coffee has a stronger flavor with a non-oily surface. People of the United prefer it most and is also known as the American roast.

Medium-Dark Roasts

These medium-dark roasts are rich and dark in color with some oil on the surface. You can find a slight bitter-sweet after tasting.

Dark Roasts

These dark roasts are bitter in taste with an oily surface and shiny black beans. You will find less activity in the darker roast coffee beverage. The names of the dark roasted coffee are interchangeable like continental, European, Espresso, high, Italian, and French.

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