Chicory Coffee Benefits - How Chicory Coffee Benefits You - Chicory Coffee Benefits - How Chicory Coffee Benefits You -

Chicory Coffee Benefits – How Chicory Coffee Benefits You

Chicory Coffee Benefits

If you’re thinking about going with coffee, think about adding some chicory coffee benefits to your daily routine. The flavor is close enough to real coffee that in times when coffee shortages are common, chicory has certainly filled their gap nicely. These chicory coffee benefits are the perfect addition to your coffee routine – especially if you’ve been suffering with health problems related to coffee in the past.

What Is Chicory Coffee

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Chicory is a dark green leaf that has a smoky flavor and a rich, dark brown color that you’d be hard pressed to mistake. It is also naturally gluten free and vegetarian, so it’s a great substitute for soy, and also a vegan friendly coffee alternative. Plus, it’s one of the healthiest coffee alternatives around today.

Benefits Of Chicory Coffee

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As one of the health benefits from drinking chicory, it may not seem that it would do anything for your morning cup of Joe, but it can actually help with digestion. Some studies have shown that drinking several cups a day of this herbal coffee helps boost your digestive system. Plus, the chicory can help keep your digestive tract running smoothly as well. A good thing to note is that chicory can also help your stomach function properly by removing some of the harmful chemicals that can be in your food.

This coffee is also a great source of antioxidants. Not only that, but it has also been shown to be good for your heart. So when you drink coffee, try adding chicory to your everyday cup of Joe, or have some chicory tea when you want a little more health.

Chicory may even help prevent arthritis. Since it has a natural anti-inflammatory effect, it can help to reduce inflammation of your joints, reducing the effects of arthritis. Some studies also suggest that it can help to strengthen your bones.

The health benefits don’t stop there, though. There are other uses for chicory that make it an excellent addition to your coffee routine. For example, chicory has been used for centuries as a sweetener for tea and also a spice for cooking.

Easy To Make

In fact, some Chinese tea drinkers swear by chichory for its ability to add flavor to tea. and also make it a perfect complement to their regular tea. It also makes an excellent pick mee in some recipes. Some people like to add a teaspoon or two to a glass of water and add it to their coffee before brewing it, while others will use it in place of sugar or honey.

If you’re looking for the ultimate coffee benefits, try giving chichory a try. It’s easy to find at your local organic grocery store or you can even brew it yourself by taking it in the form of tea. In most cases you won’t find it listed on the label when you buy your coffee.

You can easily brew your own tea or buy pre-made chicory tea. Just add the herbs to your water, let it steep, and then strain it out. You may even want to buy flavored tea, such as peppermint, or lemon. if you prefer it.

Other Health Benefits

This herb makes a great addition to any diet. It’s also a natural diuretic. so if you’re drinking green tea, or a detoxification beverage, drinking chichory is a great way to get rid of those toxins in your body.

Chichory is high in calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and manganese. It’s also high in caffeine content. So when you mix it with other herbs, such as the Rosemary, and sage, the combination works together to increase the amount of antioxidants in your body. That’s another reason why chichory is such an ideal herb for cleansing.


So, whenever you add chicory to your cup of Joe, or a cup of tea, you’ll see many benefits that go along with it. It has lots of antioxidant properties, is a natural diuretic, and helps to cleanse and detoxify your body. The best part about it, though, is the fact that it tastes great!

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