How To Make The Perfect Long Black Coffee

black coffee

Everyone loves their coffee made in a particular way. Some like it too sweet, some like to too bitter, some like it with a dash of cream, while some prefer decaffeinated or green coffee. There are other famous varieties like the mocha, latte, or cappuccino. In this article, we will discuss how to make the perfect long black coffee for black coffee lovers.

Black coffee shots
Black coffee Shots

Long Black Coffee

The long black coffee is one of the most easily misunderstood coffee variants. Only when you have a really good long black can you know the difference between a good one and a not-so-good one. You may think what is the big deal when you just need to add hot water to the ground and processed coffee powder! Well, let’s get deep into this recipe.

Biggest Mistakes

  • A few years back, when the culture and taste of coffee were not well-understood, many baristas brewed coffee from their expresso machines in the wrong way. They pushed the button on the machine and let is extract until the cup was full enough. This resulted in a very bitter tasting and burnt kind of coffee flavor. Ground coffee once it crosses 30 seconds of extraction, it begins to taste like smoke.
  • Another mistake is when you pull a double shot of espresso in your cup and then fill your cup with really hot water from the espresso machine tap. This breaks up the crema and also disperses the aromatic compounds that are trapped into it. Eventually, you only get the flavor on your tongue and cannot actually smell the coffee. The various flavors that a human can smell are 1 trillion. This was established by recent research at the Rockefeller University.
  • When you take water from the espresso machine, you get your long black coffee with too hot water. As per James Kilby from Padre’s Brunswick East Project, water from the machine can be close to 100 C. This results in the long black coffee drinker to wait for his coffee to cool down while everyone else finishes it sooner.
long black coffee
Long black Coffee

The Right Method

  • The right method is to pour the not too hot water in the cup first and then add the double shot on top. Some cafes have started adding hot tap water from the espresso machine and then wait till the cup of water cools down a bit. After that, they pour the coffee shot. At Padre, they pour 100 milliliters of water at 70 degrees coming from an urn.
  • The rightly made long black coffee is quite easy to detect. It comes with some crema which is not as dense as a short black because of the larger surface area. It is also ready to drink when you see from the angle of temperature.
  • The long black coffee is a great drink to enjoy for those who love their espresso shots. It is for those who want to not only smell their espresso roast but taste it too. The extra water at the right temperature helps the flavors to open up a bit, which is too concentrated otherwise. The perfect long black coffee will make the drinker’s sense of taste linger over the brew for longer. You will enjoy the mouthfeel of real coffee.

So, before you head to order your long black coffee from a barista, it is better to instruct the person making it, so that you do not have to compromise on the taste. Coffee is a very sensitive subject and only real coffee lovers can understand what a perfect long black coffee is.

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