Benefits Of Quitting Coffee And Sleeping Well At Night -

Benefits Of Quitting Coffee And Sleeping Well At Night

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The advantages of quitting coffee are many, and back in 2021 another article in The Healthiest Coffee stated that coffee contains 10 different health benefits per cup, citing research that showed that drinking coffee decreased blood pressure and helped fight depression. At the time, I was quite concerned about two potential setbacks that coffee could cause. Firstly, drinking coffee seemed like a very easy way out of my cup, I would just stop drinking it when I felt stressed or depressed, and I would never get mugged while I was out and about. The second potential setback was that I didn’t like the taste, which is fair because coffee is not particularly great.

An Overview

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Recently, I have been studying coffee and the different caffeine sensitivities that different people have. My studies have shown that some people have a harder time with caffeine tolerance than others, which means that they experience a withdrawal if they go too long without consuming a certain amount of coffee. In this article, I will discuss the possible reasons why you may find that your body is having a hard time coping with the high levels of caffeine inside of your cup.

Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant and causes the brain to release more adrenaline into the bloodstream. This surge of adrenaline can increase the heart rate, increase your breathing rate, make you feel really alert and anxious, reduce your digestion, and increase your energy. People who have anxiety problems find that caffeine can increase their anxiety and cause them to experience panic attacks while drinking coffee or taking a break. However, one of the potential downsides to caffeine is that it can also cause insomnia and slow metabolism. Another downside to caffeine consumption is that people who have a hard time sleeping may have to lower the amount of caffeine they take in to achieve the same effects.

Cons Of Drinking Coffee

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If you are drinking too much coffee, you are at an increased risk of developing anxiety or depression. One of the biggest benefits of quitting coffee is the reduced risk factors for these illnesses. People who drink a lot of coffee have increased chances of developing hypertension, heart attack, stroke, insomnia, gastrointestinal complications, and diabetes. If you quit drinking coffee you will reduce the risks significantly and improve the health of your body.

It has been proven that coffee is great for helping you get to sleep, but one of the side effects of increasing your caffeine consumption is that you also will experience a stressful response while falling asleep. One of the symptoms of a stressed out and anxious person is a reduced sleeping response. If you reduce the amount of stress you are exposed to while falling asleep, you will be able to reduce your symptoms and feel more relaxed.

The study found that people who consumed large amounts of caffeine had a significant reduction in the number of headaches that they suffered when compared to people who did not consume caffeine. But they did find that there was a significant increase in the number of those symptoms when they were forced to cut back on their coffee consumption. People who cut back on the caffeine saw a notable decrease in both the severity and frequency of their symptoms. This led researchers to conclude that caffeine withdrawal symptoms were actually stronger than the symptoms of dehydration.

Bottom Line

As a result of the findings of the study, bulletproof coffee was created to help people suffering from this withdrawal symptom. There are a couple of different variations that are available on the market right now. The easiest way to cut back on your coffee consumption and have more peaceful sleep at night is to drink decaffeinated coffee. Decaffeinated coffee has no caffeine and only has slight traces of minerals and other natural ingredients that will help you fall asleep. Using this method, you will be sure to get the full benefits of having this wonderful beverage, which will in turn give you better and restful sleep.

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