An Overview On How Coffee Makers Work


Most people prefer a cup of coffee at breakfast. It gives us instant energy to start the day. Moreover, it stimulates the nerves that make us feel active. Nowadays, people are using coffee makers to make this hot beverage. You need to add some water and scoop in the coffee, and your drink is ready. Have you ever wondered what is going inside in the process of making the hot lava? In this article, we describe how coffee makers work. It will help you to understand any issue that occurred in your device.

An Overview On How Coffee Makers Work
An Overview On How Coffee Makers Work

Components Present In Coffee Maker

A latest drip coffee maker is an easy to use kitchen appliance. Manufacturers have enhanced its design to make it simpler. When you open your coffee maker, you will find the following three things:

Reservoir– It holds the water that you pour into the appliance at the start. At the bottom of this region, there is a hole. 

White Tube– It takes the hot water up from below to the drip surface. Generally, it is present under the reservoir base.

Shower Head– When the hot water reached the drip area, it sprays this water over coffee grounds. In some appliances, the water arrives from the hose on a plastic disc or the drip area. It then falls into the coffee grounds via the holes.

If you take the bottom off this appliance, you will find the following things.

On the right-hand side is the orange tube. It is responsible for picking the cold water that comes dome from the hole. There is a connection between this tube with a white one.

On the left, you will notice the heating element of this coffee maker. It comprises of two parts. One is a heating element to heat the liquid. The other part is a tube that allows the water to flow. The heating elements are similar to the coiled wire. Moreover, you can notice a similar device in an electric toaster. It has two main tasks. When you pour the water, it heats that water. After the preparation of the coffee, this heating element keeps it warm.

An Overview On How Coffee Makers Work
An Overview On How Coffee Makers Work

Another critical component in this device is one –way valve. It lies in the aluminum pipe. The function of this valve is to prevent the boiling water from flowing back into the tube again.

How Coffee Makers Work

Understanding the function of components helps you to clear the functioning of this appliance. It works in the following way:

  • When you add cold water into the device, it flows through the hole in the orange tube from the reservoir.
  • Then, water flows via the one-way valve to the aluminum tube. When you turn on the switch of this appliance, the heating elements began to heat the tube. The water in the space boils.
  • After that, the boiling water flows up into the white tube. The coffee grounds are already waiting in that region. Then is spreads on them evenly. This hot water picks up the oil of the coffee. Your coffee is ready to serve in a few minutes.