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All About Miele Coffee Machines

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A Miele coffee machine is typically a sturdy stainless steel single-brew coffee brewer that contains a glass carafe and heats using electrical resistance heating within its body. The Miele trademark model is the Studio Espresso, which features a 600-watt single burner convection oven with an original interior depth of 10.8 inches. Other models can be larger, such as the Vintage Espresso. All models are quite robust, even in comparison to other stainless steel home coffee brewers. The body is constructed from high-quality, powder-coated stainless steel and are finished with polished black paint. For convenience, there is an automatic shut off feature and a three-way remote control.

Miele machines typically make one cup at a time and use a built-in filter basket for easy brewing. Before brewing, the basket is preheated to prepare the coffee beans. A two-cup capacity allows users two selections of strength: Espresso and Decaf. Some of these machines use a special boiler system that allows you to add water or milk without needing to modify the amount of water inside the boiler.

Know Some Of The Key Features

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Before you begin shopping for a Miele coffee machine, you should know a few of the key features. While all machines will include auto-brew methods, there are a few key differences with the Miele line. Manual brewing is standard on the Miele Studio, Classic Espresso and Vintage Barista. Manual settings can be fine-tuned for your individual tastes.

The most basic machine, the Studio, is perhaps the least expensive. It comes with an easy-to-use design and a thermal carafe. Simply put coffee into the built-in coffee pot, follow the on-screen instructions, and wait for the brewed beverage. Manual options include: brew strength, cup capacity, auto-brew, and milk frother. It does not have a decanter.

The Deluxe Espresso Machine is also an affordable option. Its thermal carafe, double wall insulated drip tray, and pre-brew method provide an exceptional cup of coffee. It comes with three standard settings: Espresso, Standard, and Decaf. This Miele espresso machine includes a milk frother, which allows you to use fresh milk as a froth ingredient. You can also activate the milk frother while the coffee is brewing to ensure that it gets properly mixed.

Vintage Barista Is The Most Expensive Miele Machine

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The most expensive of the Miele machines is the Vintage Barista. With three different temperature options, the Vintage offers you a diverse array of cup choices to please every palate. Unlike some other coffee makers, this one offers a heavy-duty grind and offers a lifetime warranty.

As previously mentioned, there are a few special features found on this line. One such feature is an auto shutoff system. The machine will shut itself off when the brew basket reaches a certain level. When you want the unit to continue brewing, all you have to do is lift the brew basket and flip the switch on the handle. It will continue to brew until you decide to shut it off. This is great for those who like to drink espresso while they are cooking or cleaning up.

If you are looking for a true espresso machine, the Deluxe Espresso Machine might be the right choice. It is very comparable to a typical professional coffee machine. It uses the same automatic cup brewing system, but it does not have a built-in coffee bean container. The machine has a built-in burr grinder that cuts the coarsely ground coffee beans into a fine mixture. It has an automatic shutoff system that also shuts off when the brew unit is disassembled. It is also available in a limited number of colors, although the most popular color is black.

Envirover Is The Third Option

Miele’s Traveler Programma is another model that is designed to be portable. It has a separate bowl with a built-in burr grinder. The Traveler Programma also has an auto-shutoff feature and a three-cup capacity in one bowl, unlike the Deluxe Espresso Machine that has a separate burr grinder bowl. The Traveler Programma has a distinctively designed lid that covers the steel tubing that hangs from the machine’s body.

A third option available for the Miele coffee maker is their Envirover which is designed to be installed within a kitchen island. It has a three-cup capacity, but it is different from the three cups of coffee that are included with the Miele Cup coffee maker. The Envirover is made from heavy-duty plastic and features a stainless steel body with smooth, black matte chrome-finished hardware. It has a removable drip tray, built-in drip filter basket, and a stainless steel back-plate.

Bottom Line

Miele high-quality cappuccino coffee makers are ideal for entertaining guests and providing a morning pick-me-up for employees. They are designed with functionality in mind, and also have the ability to brew many different types of coffee, including gourmet, espresso, cappuccino, and lattes. This means that this is a machine that can be used in a wide variety of situations, and also as a personal appliance for its owner.

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