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About the History of Coffee at a Famous Coffee Shop

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Folgers Coffee has a long history. It has been around for a couple of hundred years. Many people are aware of its history. Some know it from the television show “Flocking Geese.” But many do not have a clear knowledge of how this popular coffee shop got its start. Let us review the history of this American institution.

What Is The Story Of The Folgers?

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The story of how Folgers started is also interesting. In the late 1800s, David Blanford, a Quaker farmer, decided to use a new method of growing coffee. Instead of allowing the beans to grow naturally, he removed all the leaves and branches from the main plant. This was done so that only part of the beans would be exposed to the sun. This method produced a higher quality coffee than normal.

When he began to sell his beans, he discovered a great demand for this type of coffee. People were willing to pay more for these beans, which helped to drive the price up. By putting a price on his product, David Blanford was able to start a business and make a name for himself in the region of Pennsylvania known as Folgers.

What Is Folgers Doing In The 21st Century?

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Today, Folgers still grow most of the coffee beans that they use. They also continue to process new coffee beans and add flavor to the old ones. In addition to the use of flavorings, they also use various processes to ensure that the beans are fresh and contain the best taste possible. They are even able to make the beans smoother and easier to grind.

As you can imagine, the history of the beans can span quite a few years. When David Blanford began his business, the weather in America was quite harsh. He began to use a mixture of water and lime juice to extract the flavors from the beans. Because this method took so long to produce results, the company eventually moved its manufacturing operations to New York City, which was a much faster way to get coffee to the consumer. Even though they still use the water-lemon concoction, they now process their coffee in an automated system that speeds up the process without using harsh chemicals.

In colonial times, the area was lush and full of trees. The soil was especially fertile, which meant that coffee was a logical product for early settlers. Many of them brought with them their coffee crops. When Europeans began arriving in the New World, they found the area around New England quite abundant in coffee crops. Because the beans were so plentiful, it was only a matter of time before the coffee took off and became a very popular beverage.

How Are Beans Ground?

Throughout the years, there have been several different methods to grind the beans. Originally, they were ground right in the mills. This was a time-consuming process, but it was necessary to keep the beans fresh. Today, automated systems are used to grind the beans, and it is much faster to process due to the technological advances of the machines. Today, Folgers offers several different options in terms of the type of grinding machine that they use.

Final Words

The history of coffee can be traced back to when the first person walked the earth and touched its surface. Since then, coffee has played a big role in human history. It has been a mainstay across the globe for centuries and is still the preferred beverage of millions. The world is an ever-changing place, and as such, things like this like the process of how coffee is made and the places where it is grown are constantly changing. Knowing more about these important aspects of coffee, both from a Folgers coffee history and overall, will help consumers gain a greater understanding of what they are drinking regularly.

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