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4 Things You Should Know About The Black Ivory Coffee

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Coffee is one of the most astounding things that Africa has given us. Many refreshments came and went, but none could make love for coffee any less. Coffee is the only drink with zero cholesterol, fats, or calories, and it can keep the deadliest diseases like diabetics, high blood pressure, and heart problems tamed. It can also lower the risk of some forms of cancer. The black ivory coffee is a rare and superior coffee that gives you the best taste.

Rarest Coffee Brand

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It is one of the rarest coffee brands that are present in the world. It is known to be extremely special and consumes by true coffee lovers. It had around one hundred and fifty kilograms of allocation in 2019 and is mostly sold to five-star hotels and restaurants. But a small portion of the black ivory coffee is separated by the company and reserved to be sold to loyal consumers from the website.

Social Responsibility

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It takes social responsibility and has committed itself towards the welfare and conservation of Elephants. The company mainly works with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation and works to educate and inform everyone about the Elephant human Conflict issues. It also works to provide education for the children about the families of Elephant caregivers. Black Ivory Coffee takes the children on a ride to the national park, where they get the opportunity of a lifetime to see the elephants in their natural habitat.

A Distinctive Cup Of Love

Coffee is just like a liquid hug for your brain. You will always have the black ivory coffee by your side in the toughest of times. This hot steaming drink will make you forget all your hardships no matter what, and you will merrily yield to its amazing flavor. Sweet or strong, you cannot resist its fabulous aroma. Coffee is not just a beverage; it is an emotion. There is no going back for you once to start drinking the Ivory Coffee.

Harvesting Process

The first step in the harvesting of coffee is to pick up the right Arabic Cherries. These cherries are then fed to the elephants by mixing them in their food. Once the elephants ingest the coffee cherries, the digestion process is started, and wait for them to excrete the berries. Once the elephants pass out the cherries, it is then hand-picked from the elephant dung. These cherries are then washed, rinsed, and dried. After the selection has been made, the top-quality beans are roasted then and packed to be shipped.

Final Words

The Black Ivory coffee has a unique coffee production process, which is one reason why it is so expensive. The generated income also goes towards a social cause and even takes care of the workers who help pick coffee and sort it. The company is hell-bent on producing and processing only the coffee beans that are up to the quality mark. The coffee is prepared with great hard work, dedication, and love. 

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